I am a scholar and lecturer of public administration with a hot love for behavioral economics and strategic management, specialized in quantitative-experimental and qualitative mixed-methods research. Specifically, my research interest lies in issues of sustainable public management under risk (uncertainty & complexity), fallacies of dysfunctional collaboration across sectors, and the micro-foundations of organizational corruption. For instance, I research the psychological effects of public sector idiosyncrasies on individuals’ strategic choice – i.e. in situations of negotiation and accountability – to find out why, too often, public-private partnerships fail and what can be done about it.

Currently, I am conducting a multi-national study to reveal the micro-foundations of public sector corruption and institutional deviance (CorPuS).



Research interests

  • Public sector corruption and motivation.
  • Public-private partnerships, trust, and public sector negotiation.
  • Strategic management and leadership under risk and complexity.
  • Law and economics of policy, higher education, and consumption.
  • Behavioral public administration; experimental and psycho-physiological research methods.


Dr. Kristina S. Weißmüller
Universität Bern
KPM Center for Public Management
Schanzeneckstrasse 1

CH-3001 Bern, Switzerland

Office: +41 (0)31 631 4768

Email: kristina.weissmueller@kpm.unibe.ch