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Teaching Public Administration & Management, Business Administration, and Applied Research Methods

I hold a Master’s degree in Higher Education (MoHE) from the University of Hamburg and I regularly teach lectures and seminar courses in master-level programmes in Public & Nonprofit Management, Public Management and Policy Policy, and Business Administration as well as executive courses in professional further education (Executive Master of Public Management) at the University of Bern, Switzerland, the University of Lugano, Switzerland, the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and the University of Hamburg, Germany.

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Teaching Philosophy

“Teaching without learning is futile”

All of my courses are specifically designed in an interdisciplinary way synthesizing perspectives from micro- and macro-economics, management studies, sociology, and psychology to specifically accommodate the beauties and challenges of teaching in interdisciplinary educational programs. Creating an engaging, innovative, respectful and student-centered teaching environment is essential to foster students’ learning success.

I believe that teaching is as much an essential a part of the profession of science as is conducting original research and I follow the principles of research-oriented teaching in my lectures and seminars. Only by openly and pro-actively sharing our scientific insights with both students and practitioners, researchers can hope to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable development of society and make a difference.

Teaching is a collaborative process of knowledge generation and sharing that should engage students and lecturer(s) on equal terms and without hierarchy. Taking into account the heterogeneity of students, I believe that teaching university courses should be designed as an open process continuously striving for improvement through a culture of respect and creativity between learners and lecturers. Knowledge is a living thing and teaching without learning is futile.

For me, student-centered teaching and learning means not merely implementing best practices and scientific insights on how university teaching works but actively recognizing students’ demands and challenges in order to design courses that generate usable knowledge and relevant capabilities. I believe in involving students in the process of scientific research from the very beginning of their degree programs – for instance, with seminars practically teaching the methods of social sciences by conducting actual research projects – to help students develop a critical and open-minded perspective on the role of knowledge and science for society, empowering students to think outside the box and realize the relevance of the contents taught.

Ideally, courses and lectures should be specifically designed in an interdisciplinary way and be co-taught by lecturers with diverse but complementary scientific backgrounds to contrast and synthesize the many theoretical perspectives of (social) sciences and teach relevant knowledge to solve the challenges of our times.

Essays on Teaching

I wrote some opinion pieces on teaching in higher education:

  1. Weißmüller, K.S. (2020). ‘Lehren als zentrale Aufgabe der Wissenschaft: Drei Thesen zu Ideal und Realität.’. Impact Free: Journal für freie Bildungswissenschaftler 32, 1-8, Hamburg. [Print version]
  2. Weißmüller, K.S. (2020). ‘Zwei Thesen zum disruptiven Potenzial von OER für öffentliche Hochschulen‘. Impact Free: Journal für freie Bildungswissenschaftler 28, 1-9, Hamburg. [Print version]

Feel free to let me know what you think! kristina.weissmueller@kpm.unibe.ch

Executive Teaching

M.A.-level Courses

B.A.-level Courses